Glitter Tumbler Tuesday!

I am excited to share some recent glitter tumblers with you on my blog today!! I started making glitter tumblers in September 2018 and it has kept me very busy!! I honestly don’t know how many tumblers I have made since then, but it’s a lot!

I had not even heard of glitter tumblers until a year ago when I accidentally added myself to a tumbler group on Facebook, not knowing what it was about. It was the first time I had seen glitter tumblers and I was thinking that must be so messy!!

Over the next year, I continued to look at the tumblers that were posted in the group and I became intrigued and started researching how to make them. It must have been fate, because I accidentally came across someone who was just starting to teach how to make glitter tumblers!! I signed up for the class and I am so glad I did! It helped me go from knowing nothing about glitter tumblers to being able to make and sell them in a very short time!

Here are a few of my favorite glitter tumblers I have made. I plan to continue sharing them on my blog as I have time!

If you love these glitter tumblers, you can purchase your own here:

Glitter Tumblers

Happy Tuesday!! I made a quick video while glittering cups this morning! 😊 I love these glitter colors! ❤️

Posted by Ericka Moore Photography & Design on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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